Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Five year old passport photos? Check!

I have officially sent off my passport to get my Iran visa!  So very exciting!  Fortunately I did not have to have passport photos of me wearing a hijab, despite everything I had read, so I was able use a five-year-old passport photo copy I made before I studied abroad in college.  I FedEx'd my passport and photo and I should get it back in about a week or so with something that looks like this:

And of course I'll take a picture of my actual visa and post it.

On another note, I'm horribly behind in my sewing.  I have had this top hanging around for a few weeks and can't bring myself to finish it:

It's a long button-down shirt made of Liberty of London lawn cotton.  I loooove the fabric (and I had better at just under $30/yard!), but the pattern on it is so damn busy that you really cannot easily transfer markings to it.  Even with tailor's chalk you can barely find markings!  Oy.  It shall be done soon enough though.  P.S. check out my awesome bungee desk chair.  Got it at 50% off at the Container Store.  It was a floor model.  I also got my desk on sale there has a roll-out portion, perfect for when I'm working on projects.  It's really similar to the Jay desk from West Elm, but I liked the Container Store's desk hutch better.

I have also been working on what I thought would be a real beaut:

The fabric I chose is silk, and having not worked with silk before, I had no idea what kind of a nightmare I was getting myself into!  The fabric has an awesome border print, but boy is it finicky.  I think next time I'm going to steer clear of the lightweight silks.  On the upside I'm learning lots of new functions on my sewing machine, like overlock stitching!  My silk frays like crazy, and I hate FrayCheck with a passion (read: HUGE DISGUSTING MESS), so overlock stitching has become my new bff on this project.

Hopefully I will make some actual headway on my sewing projects.  Declaring my plans to a public that most likely does not read my blog still somehow motivates me to get it done.