Sunday, July 17, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!  I have a few projects in the works that I'm hoping to post very shortly.  I have been on a sewing spree lately as I'm preparing for my vacation this fall to...wait for it...wait for it...IRAN!  I know, people think I'm either insane or I'm going to end up in Evin prison, but I am going as part of a cultural/historical trip.  Anyone who knows me knows I love me some ancient ruins!

In preparation for Iran, I need to compile my Muslim-friendly, travel-friendly wardrobe.  Women must wear loose clothing, i.e. nothing body-hugging; tops or manteaus (kind of a shirtdress-overcoat) that reach at least the mid thigh; upper arms must be covered; absolutely no décolletage showing; and finally, a hijab is required to be worn by women at all times in public places, as dictated by law.  The hijab, or head scarf, must cover a woman's hair and neck and is traditionally seen as a symbol of respect for God, but since the Iranian "revolution of values", it has also come to symbolize, by some, oppression and male hegemony.  I have been making my way through a long reading list of books on Iran, and it is very interesting to read how widely views vary regarding the dress code, moreover the role of women in society.

As a side note for friends who may be reading this: I am entering the country as part of a tour group with an approved visa already in my passport, as required by law for all US citizens.  All tour groups must be registered with the government, and all participants of said tours are forbidden to talk about politics.  All us visitors will be chaperoned at all times to make sure we aren't running amok spying for the CIA.  ...The entire Iranian government seems to believe all American citizens are spies for the CIA or outside agents tied to the CIA.  It's kind of ridiculous.  Thankfully from what I have come to understand, the Iranian public doesn't seem to follow the same mindset as its rulers...

I have purchased all the sewing patterns I should need *I think* for my vacation clothes.  I have already made one top that I have been sporting around work, but I'm not entirely sure I'm going to bring it with me.  I have plenty of other options, but I am trying to keep my luggage down to one carry-on bag.  Not an easy feat since I'm also going to be stopping over to visit friends in Amsterdam and Norwich, England (vastly differing climates and fashions from Iran) on my way home.  I hit up the Nordstrom annual sale yesterday and ordered shoes that I'll be taking on my trip (plus some extras:).  I was surprised that on only the second day of the sale they somehow were out of every single shoe size in every color of every shoe I wanted to try.  Lame!  I guess I should have taken advantage of the pre-sale shopping for Nordstrom cardholders.  Oops.

In summary: expect lots of sewing in the coming weeks as I prepare for my trip!


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