Saturday, October 15, 2011

Updates, updates!

So sorry I have been slacking off with the posts!  I was so incredibly busy during the last couple weeks of August and into the beginning of September.  Sewing clothes for a trip is definitely a stressful undertaking, but being who I am, I love stressful challenges.  Even if I do end up making myself sick with anxiety!

My trip to Iran and Europe was absolutely AMAZING.  I really need to collect all my thoughts and write an article on my Iran experience, so a post on that will be coming some time soon.  It completely blew my mind and I can't really sum it up in a few words.

I am also overdue in posting stuff on my sewing projects.  I finished a few but I also had to postpone a couple projects because there was no way I would have time to finish them before my trip.  So I need to post on old projects I've finished, finish half-completed projects, and then also get working on new projects for fall/winter 2011.

I have been home 2 weeks now and it is quite an adjustment.  Unpacking still needs to be done, sorting of souvenirs, and of course there are the 1300 photos that I need to go through and edit.  And on top of all that, work has been CRAZY and is only going to get more insane in the weeks and months ahead.  I am always up for an insane challenge, especially after having spent a month traveling and relaxing.  I highly recommend long vacations if you can afford them!

Lots of stuff coming soon to a blog near you!


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