Monday, November 14, 2011

Meet Peggy!

Shortly before heading out of the country for my month-long vacation, I purchased a new Bernina sewing machine.  I bought my machine at our local sewing mecca, Eddie's Quilting Bee in Sunnyvale, CA.  I wasn't planning on buying a new machine, but I couldn't pass on the price, especially given that Bernina was discontinuing the model I liked.  $3000 later, my new little machine has been humming away like a dream.

Of course I needed to name my machine.  She's sassy, she's intelligent, and she can kick butt.  I'm quite famously obsessed with "Mad Men", so who else would I name my machine after?!

Well none other than Peggy Olson!  I think it's a pretty terrific fit.

What I find really funny is that Bernina machines come with a little accessory case.  To me, it looks like a Barbie armoir.  Seriously.  It's the size of Barbie.  Has double doors like a real armoir.  And it has drawers that would be perfect for all of Barbie's shoes and accessories.

Barbie closet.  For reals.

I'm still learning all the functions on my machine, but I'm very amazed with its capabilities.  It has a hands-free lever you can operate with you leg which will drop the feed dogs while lifting the presser foot.  Winding a bobbin is a snap, and with drop-in loading, you save lots of time.  I made a wool coat on my machine, and I had no problems with the thickness of the fabric.  I could go on and on about all the wonderful things Peggy can do :)

My new project is a dress for my company's Christmas party.  I don't really "need" a dress, but it's a great excuse to indulge in some fabric shopping and learn some new sewing skills.

That's all for now!



  1. I was just at Eddies yesterday looking at sewing machines. When I was reading reviews everyone was talking about Barbie cases and I did not have a clue as to what they were talking about. Thank you for such a good picture of the Barbie case, I get it now. Which model Bernina did you buy? How do you feel about it now? I agree, Eddies is a great store.

    1. Oh, hi, Suzanne! The Barbie case is great, so glad the picture could help.

      I purchased the now discontinued Bernina Aurora 450. I was/am an intermediate sewer (I wish I had more time for it) but I am extremely happy with my purchase and find it's a great fit for me. It has lots of different stitches which I really enjoy using and I love the overall ease of use. I like how I can adjust the top speed of both the stitching and bobbin winder. The foot pedal is great; it's super sensitive and I love how I can drop and raise the needle with a quick heel tap. The extra buttons for reflecting stitch patterns, reversing stitches, finishing patterns, etc. are also great features that I used a lot.

      I was really hesitant to plunk down so much money on a sewing machine but I know Bernina is a very reliable brand and offers a very good selection of presser feet. And with Eddie's service and suport I know I made the right choice for my sewing needs.

      Let me know if you need any help!